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CRI can help you keep your finances in fine feather.

For many individuals, personal income taxes may be their largest annual cost. We believe that providing value flies above traditional compliance (preparing and filing your tax return). True value rests in ongoing, proactive, solid strategies and solutions that help you meet your personal financial objectives while reducing your overall tax liability over time. In short, effective tax management is the cornerstone of wealth management.

In order to provide tailored guidance, we employ a flock of multidisciplinary professionals that is well-versed in estates and trusts, retirement planning, succession planning, and personal financial statements. Additionally, our portfolio companies provide additional resources to assist you in maximizing all of your nest eggs, including:

Let CRI evaluate your tax situation, provide strategic guidance, and serve your planning needs with integrated solutions that help you keep your finances in fine feather.

Navigating the Maze of Retirement Planning

Intersecting Estates and Gifts with Business Valuation

Control, Alt, Delete: 4 Types of Consumer Debt



Straight Talk

Translating technical jargon into a plain English “text.” 
Hey, I’ve got some stock options that were granted to me. Should I exercise all of these options?
It depends. Do you know if they’re nonqualified options or incentive stock options?
No idea. I’ll dig out some paperwork on them for you. BTW – what’s the difference between nonqualified and incentive options?
Nonqualified options are taxed when you exercise them. Incentive options generally are not taxed when you exercise, but they may throw you for a loop if you’re in AMT.
Ouch – both sound painful.
Not necessarily. It all depends on the type of option, number of options, strike price, current stock price, and how long you will hold on to the stock.
Let me pull out that paperwork on the options, and we can circle up.
Definitely – we can run the numbers and see where your sweet spot is in exercising these options.

Solutions Simplified

Down-to-earth descriptions of our services.
Estates, Trusts & Private Foundations

CRI’s professionals help you prepare fiduciary income tax, estate tax, and gift tax returns for state and federal taxing authorities. Our estate tax CPAs stay up-to-date with the frequent changes in the estate tax law and offer guidance on how these changes could impact your estate plans. Plus, we help you proactively address your estate to preserve the maximum wealth for you, your family, or your charity.

Personal Financial Statements

Individuals typically have data regarding the historical costs of their assets versus current values. Therefore, several situations present reasons for having a CPA prepare personal financial statements, including:

• lender requirements, and
• planning for estates, gifts, and income taxes.

Personal financial statements comprehensively present a person’s financial strength via a presentation of personally held assets, debt obligations, and net worth. This document is very important to lenders and investors and may range from very concise to detailed with extensive note disclosures. They may be audited, compiled, or reviewed – depending upon the desired assurance level. And the CRI team understands that individuals don’t typically maintain formal accounting systems and records like a business, so we’re ready to assist clients with personal financial statement preparation from the ground up.

Retirement Planning

The three steps to successful retirement planning are:

• evaluate current finances and income expectations,
• project future needs, and
• create a plan to address those needs, including an assessment of retirement plan options.

Level Four®, a division of Carr, Riggs & Ingram Capital Group, can help you navigate the complex retirement plan tax rules and determine the next steps to maximize your wealth for retirement planning.

Succession Planning

The main focus of succession planning is structuring an effective business exit plan — which varies greatly depending up on the owner’s goals. For example, maximizing business value to prepare for a sale requires different steps than working to retain the family legacy. From assessing a business’ intrinsic value and creating a detailed plan to maximize it to devising a plan to minimize gift and estate tax costs when transferring the business, the CRI team is ready to assist.

Wealth Management

Your Level Four® team creates the plan needed to meet your goals. Our team translates complex strategies into an organized – yet adaptable – plan unique to you. Level Four® delivers a comprehensive suite of services including asset management, retirement planning, individual financial advisory services, and business/corporate advisory services. Plus, Level Four® is structured to deliver more holistic advice and services to you.