Let CRI direct your path.

CRI will “walk” in your shoes to provide business support, business transactions, and client accounting services.

Many successful owners and managers have excellent entrepreneurial, sales, and/or customer service skills, but they may lack a background in finance and accounting. And, let’s face it, running the business is much more fun than “bean counting,” especially with today’s ever-changing accounting rules and tax legislation. As your business grows and accounting complexities increase, CRI can step in to provide business support and transaction services that will help you proactively plan to improve your bottom line while sidestepping potential roadblocks.

Our client accounting services solutions allow you to outsource accounting functions of your choice, effectively streamlining your internal operations and reducing overhead costs. These services translate into you paying only for specific – particularly high-level – expertise as it is required.

Alternatively, if you are contemplating a business transaction, CRI’s consultants can perform buy-side or sell-side services to help you effectively plan, prepare, and maximize your success.  So whether it’s helping you to prepare your information pre-transaction or providing post-transaction services to fill in the gap while you finish the deal, we’re able to provide the seasoned expertise to maximize your return from the transaction.  Further, we can easily refer you to CRI Capital Advisors, our investment banking division, for highly specialized services, as needed. Plus, as we “walk” in your shoes, the CRI team often has recommendations for improving operational efficiencies.

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