Advisory_ValuationsCRI can help you paint an accurate picture of your business’ worth.

Given the increasing propensity of litigation and popularity of transactions — both of which drive demand for independent, third-party expertise — an accurate picture of a company’s value is instrumental to its success.

Business valuations are a combination of art and science that blends appropriate methods, capitalization rates, discounts and premiums, and other factors to determine the value of your business. CRI relies on a solid knowledge of the many valuation methods, as well as the experience and business savvy to select the most appropriate method for a particular business and/or situation. Understanding your business and goals helps us to determine the valuation method that is best suited for your particular situation — whether the driving factor is succession planning, raising capital, stock valuation, facilitating a merger, or another need. Then we consider factors that should be applied, such as discounts and premiums, and how each will impact your company’s valuation.

CRI can help you frame a realistic financial picture of your business and personal finances by performing valuations that accurately reflect the current value of your company.

Business Valuation Basics

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