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CRI’s colorful insights can help you successfully operate your captive insurance company.

While captive insurance companies (“captives”) can be very beneficial for their owners, successfully overseeing a captive can be a complex endeavor. Partnering with knowledgeable captive insurance auditors and advisors can help turn this process into a much clearer picture. CRI is skilled in the art of addressing complex captive auditing, consulting, and tax matters. We are authorized to audit captives in multiple domiciles – including the Cayman Islands. In fact, our Cayman Islands office enables us to more effectively audit captives established in this location. Let us apply a fresh coat of our in-depth expertise to help guide you in the right direction.

Captive Insurance Client Snapshot

Weighing Your Options: Is Captive Insurance Right for Your Company?

Unveiling CRI’s Collection of Captive Services

Our simplified solutions can help you create a risk management “mural.”

CRI is well-versed in domestic and international financial reporting standards. Our comprehensive audit process is designed to help third-parties ensure that your captive’s financial statements are accurate and reliable.


We can work with your internal and external team of advisors to help you decide if a captive is right for your organization.   As a master painter wouldn’t slap some paint on a canvas, we likewise take the approach that careful thought needs to be given to many facets before pursuing a captive insurance strategy.

Tax Strategy Selection

Captives can yield significant tax benefits for their owners. For instance, an 831(b) election allows certain companies to be taxed only on taxable investment income. CRI can advise you regarding the tax laws that will help you achieve the greatest overall benefits from your captive.

Straight Talk

Translating technical jargon into a plain English “text.”
We are looking for a CPA firm that understands the unique needs of captive insurance carriers. How familiar are you with our line of work?
Some of CRI’s professionals specialize in providing services to captive managers. We understand that you have unique tax structures and industry challenges. Our advisors are constantly perfecting their skills so that we can provide you with the most beneficial advice.
That’s fantastic! One business decision we’re pondering is moving our captive from the Cayman Islands to the U.S. Can you guide us through this process?
Absolutely! Moving operations from one country to another can have significant business implications. We’re happy to discuss these with you in person.

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