When the landscape changes,

The Affordable Care Act changed the landscape – but CRI’s team keeps you in the green.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly called the “Affordable Care Act” or “ACA,” forever changed the landscape of providing healthcare benefits to your employees. So exactly what changed, and how do the changes affect you? The ACA:

  • mandated certain employers provide healthcare benefits to their employees that must:
    • be of minimum value,
    • provide minimum essential coverage, and
    • be affordable – as defined in the law;
  • established reporting requirements for both the IRS and the employee to substantiate that the new requirements have been met; and
  • instituted sizeable penalties for non-compliance.

The ACA encapsulates 2,700 pages of law and more than 20,000 pages of regulations! You shouldn’t have to spend hours of your valuable time weeding through the requirements to determine those that apply to your business. Our ACA team is familiar with the requirements and their associated deadlines, and they are ready to graft our experience and best practices with your process. So no matter where you are in the process, our team can help you determine go-forward requirements, accumulate the necessary documentation, provide support for timely reporting, and suggest the best steps for future adherence. Our team is also familiar with the various penalties that could be assessed under ACA. Our team of green thumbs will interpret the related tax codes to prune the penalties and ensure proper assessment under the law.

Applicability, Benefits & Compliance of ACA

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Employee Notice Program

ALE Requirement

Does your company qualify?

Benefits Baseline

Meeting ACA standards for full-time and part-time employees


A guide to the required forms.
Employer TypeSmall EmployerSmall Employer Treated as LargeLarge Employer
Plan TypeNoneInsuredSelf-InsuredNoneInsuredSelf-InsuredNoneInsuredSelf-Insured


NoNo*YesNoNo*YesNoNo*Usually Not



Straight Talk

Translating technical jargon into a plain English “text.”
Received your message – thanks for checking on our ACA progress. It is a little overwhelming. Can CRI help us with compliance and the reporting requirements?
You bet. We understand that the ACA requirements and decisions can be daunting. You’re not alone; we’re here to help. And while each client and situation is unique, we have developed some best practices—including ways to organize and document compliance.
That’s precisely what I need.
Before jumping into the process, the big picture is that we provide ACA compliance support and form preparation (through a software vendor) and consulting.
Could you tell me a little about the compliance support and form preparation?
Sure, we have partnered with a software vendor to provide a comprehensive form preparation and documentation platform that both your team and ours access. But it’s not all about the software. We’ll assist with the requisite data, templates, and time-periods. Once we’ve agreed on those items, the software collects information through a series of templates extracting data from payroll reports, employee files, and your insurance plan. The software then uses the data to generate your forms and documentation. Going forward, regular uploads of the templates will continually track and document requirements of the law in real- time.
That sounds great. Can you tell me what kind of consulting services are normal?
The various data sources used and decisions are client-specific, and often clients need clarity around the requirements. We use our expertise, as well as our knowledge of your plan and ACA, to act as your sounding board for those decisions.
It sounds like I can get comprehensive software that handles my ACA needs and have you a phone call away. That’s perfect! How do we proceed?
I will shoot a separate engagement letter for each type of engagement, and we will then follow-up with templates and an assessment of your health insurance plan.
Sounds like a plan!



Solutions Simplified

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ACA Compliance

Through our partnership with Sage ACA Comply, we will work with your client personnel to complete a series of templates using data in payroll and employee files, as well as information from your health insurance plan to complete ACA documentation and generate the required forms. CRI’s ACA team will guide you through the appropriate steps of uploading the templates to the software and validating completeness and accuracy of the extracted data. On a continuing basis, through updates to the data through use of the templates, the software will track and monitor ACA requirements in real-time.

ACA Consulting

As with any changing regulatory environment, questions will arise about proper implementation and documentation. Our team of ACA specialists will address those client-specific compliance questions. We will be available to answer initial and ongoing questions while providing an array of services, including full-time equivalent calculations, affordability calculations, determination of your measurement and stability periods, or assessment of proper penalties (just to name a few). Our goal is to be your trusted ACA resource!

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