Our trio of speciality services

Being a CPA firm is much like being an orchestra conductor.

How? We bring together many “instruments” – auditing, tax planning, business consulting, forensic accounting, and more – to create a harmony of services that addresses all aspects of your personal and professional wealth.  Since our formation in 1997, CRI has expanded to parallel our clients’ evolving needs. This expansion includes incorporating a trio of specialties into our services suite: merger- and acquisition-focused investment banking from CRI Capital Advisors, wealth management services from Level Four® Advisory Services, and SOC report services from Auditwerx. As the portfolio companies of Carr, Riggs & Ingram Capital Group, they collectively help individuals and organizations across a broad range of industries reach their financial goals. Plus, these companies enable us to provide our clients with more holistic advice – advice that hopefully hits all of the right notes.

The CRI Family Serving You, Your Business, and Your Family

SOC Reporting & IT Auditing

Investment Banking

Wealth Management