phoneConstruction companies face special management challenges that brick-and-mortar business owners can generally avoid. One of these is effectively managing a large group of employees in a remote work environment. Mobile technology, such as through mobile construction management apps, is the perfect way to bridge what was once a daunting management gap.

Office Management via Smartphone

Many smartphone operating systems have applications available for remote desktop access. Typically, these systems allow access to:

  • Certain desktop applications.
  • Calendars and appointments.
  • Client relationship management software programs.
  • Important files such as insurance policy data stored on the computer.

Employee Management (Yes, There’s an App for That!)

Ensuring employee accuracy in reporting hours worked, time spent on job sites, and at other permissible locations can be a major challenge. But not to worry, there’s an app for that!

Wireless Timecards

For example, wireless timecard apps allow employees to use a smartphone to clock in and out of work. Since the time on the phone dictates the time that’s recorded, companies know that time is recorded accurately.

Geofencing Apps

Additionally, geofencing apps create a virtual fence around company vehicles.  The app notifies the administrator when the vehicle has breached established virtual perimeters. Administrators can then evaluate whether the breach was reasonable (such as for a lunch run or to pick up additional materials) or if the breach was unauthorized and requires a reprimand.

Construction Management Apps: A Smart Call

Mobile apps give construction companies an entirely new level of confidence and control when working remotely. Is your construction company ready to make the transition to mobile management? CRI’s construction CPAs can help your construction company establish effective mobile management strategies. Give us a call – from your office or smartphone.