Nonprofit organizations stay busy fighting for their mission and are lucky when passionate and talented people are willing to serve on their boards. However, a board is only as strong as the education and direction they receive. In this whitepaper, we detail how your organization can:

  • prevent a board from being threatened by:
    • fragmented knowledge from rotating board members,
    • lack of knowledge surrounding regulations and compliance requirements that could lead to significant penalties,
    • conflict caused from not understanding organizational authority and responsibilities assigned to them, and
    • involvement with conflicts of interest that could risk reputation and tax-exempt status).
  • educate regarding sound governance practices since the IRS, state regulators, charity rating groups, media members, and the public are watching.
  • create effective training for newcomers and a review for returning board members,
  • communicate financial differences specific to nonprofits to board members, and
  • host ongoing training and meetings that meet board members needs while also furthering organizational goals.

A detailed training and process for onboarding and retaining board members can also increase your board’s loyalty to your organization. Read on to see how you can evaluate and potentially improve your nonprofit’s board training so that your members are operating like Special Forces.

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