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Solid finances are the foundation for nonprofit organizations with financial reporting, cash flow planning, governance, regulatory compliance, and business consulting integrating to establish a rock-solid basis. CRI delivers an aggregate of traditional CPA services – such as audit, single audit, and tax – and non-traditional consulting, client accounting, data analytics, cybersecurity, and financial services. Our nonprofit CPA team can ease your responsibilities by providing proactive solutions when and where you need them the most. We derive our expertise from serving hundreds of nonprofit organizations, such as:

Our clients range from start-up entities to composite organizations with $1 billion in assets. No matter the size of your nonprofit, you can expect top-line service from seasoned professionals with limited staff turnover. We are proud to serve our clients so that they can be the epicenters of our local communities.

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OMB Uniform Guidance Single Audit

When a nonprofit entity receives significant federal funds, the provisions of Office of Management & Budget (OMB) Uniform Guidance (Single Audit) come into play. This makes it even more important to comply with the related rules in order to avoid potential penalties and sanctions. In addition, certain states such as Florida, New Mexico, and Texas also have single audit requirements at the state level. CRI’s nonprofit auditors work with entities impacted by Uniform Guidance daily. We share this valuable experience with our clients, guiding them to navigate through the Single Audit details – from the definition of major programs to the relationship of internal controls over compliance. Whether funding is direct or generated by a pass-through entity, an experienced and knowledgeable audit firm performing your nonprofit organization’s Single Audits is a key to successfully and efficiently addressing the requirements.

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