Maximize the world of opportunities in institutional and private equity real estate.

Be sure you’ve developed a flight plan with a CPA team that delivers industry expertise.  

Our team combines in-depth national real estate industry knowledge with years of technical experience to provide auditing, consulting, and tax services to some of the largest real estate investors in the U.S. We efficiently assist clients with complex projects in all areas of deal and tax structuring and financial reporting so they can make well-informed, timely business decisions. From projects in the millions to portfolios in the billions, CRI can help you strategize, protect, and maximize your investment goals.

CRI’s clients include some of the real estate industry’s largest investors, including:

Straight Talk

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Our work is fast-paced, and it can be disruptive when our accountant visits our office to perform audits and prepare our tax returns, particularly when that accountant isn’t proficient in our industry.


Finding an auditor who really knows about the complex world of institutional and large private equity real estate is not always an easy task.
Our institution requires an accounting firm with industry-specific knowledge to efficiently assist us with tax and deal structuring, acquisition due diligence and SEC Rule SX 3-14 financial statement audits, operating expense audits, construction diligence procedures, and percentage rent audits.
You’re in luck! CRI is highly experienced in all of the areas you mentioned, and we represent some of the real estate industry’s largest investors. We know how to be efficient and minimize the time burden for your team so that you can focus on your business.
Having an audit and tax team who understands our industry and works together with us is a huge benefit. When can your team meet with us?
Our stakeholders want details about how we are structuring our investments to effectively address costs associated with transfer taxes, after-tax yield, income, and other expenses. How do we make sure we are designing our deals to maximize our ROI?
Finding the right structure for your investment is critical to its success for your stakeholders, so we understand your stakeholders’ concerns. Our team helps structure small to large real estate transactions with an emphasis on tax strategies and efficiencies.
That sounds great, but we also have diverse stakeholders and special circumstances.
CRI is recognized as a leader in institutional real estate accounting services, and we have helped clients with a myriad of distinct stakeholders (e.g., public institutional investors, pension funds, and mezzanine debt providers) – each with unique circumstances. Let’s sit down so that our team can understand more about your investments.

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Accounting & Auditing Services

Services Also Available for Institutional Real Estate

SEC Rule 3-14 of Regulation S-X

We provide audit services for clients in accordance with Rule 3-14 of Regulation S-X, which requires the financial statements of each significant operating real estate property (or portfolio of properties) acquired to be filed in a Form 8-K and in all transactional filings (registration statements and proxies).

SEC Rule 3-05 of Regulation S-X

We help clients determine whether an acquired property qualifies as a “business” in the eyes of the SEC (in which Rule 3-05 generally applies) and perform the required audit services. In general, the Rule requires businesses to file all financial statements within 75 days of the acquisition.

Advisory Services

Business Support & Transactions Services

Employee Benefit Plan Services

Governance, Risk & Assurance Services

IT Audits & Assurance Services

Tax Services

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