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Financial Institutions Speaker Topics

Applying Enterprise Risk Managment (ERM) to Your Community Bank

Enterprise risk management (ERM) continues to be a hot topic among community bankers as regulatory expectations mount. Additionally, community banks struggle to understand how it differs from and complements existing risk management practices. This presentation will help audiences understand what ERM encompasses – from aligning risk appetite and strategy to improving deployment of capital – by:

  • defining ERM and its four categories of objectives;
  • providing an overview of the components of ERM, including internal environment, objective setting, and event identification; and
  • seeking to bridge the gap between the theory of ERM and its practical applications to the ongoing activities of a community bank.

Enhancing Risk Management Through Audit And Loan Review

In today’s environment, financial institutions of all sizes and complexity should no longer view internal audit and loan review as a means of compliance. These are value-added tools designed to effectively and efficiently assist institutions in managing risk. This overview is designed to help senior management and board members understand the role of the internal audit and loan review as part of an overall risk management strategy.

This presentation begins with an overview of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework to help the audience frame risk. It covers the internal audit risk assessment process, the common auditable units within a financial institution, and the related reporting of audit results. Finally, the presentation provides a brief overview of risk-based IT audits and the loan review as risk management tools.

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