Businesses that provide health care coverage to employees have extra time to provide 2020 health coverage information to covered individuals.

The IRS has announced in Notice 2020-76 that it will extend the due date by which insurers, self-insuring employers, applicable large employers, and certain other providers of minimum essential coverage must furnish to individuals the 2020 Form 1095-B, Health Coverage, and the 2020 Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage.

Those who would otherwise be required to provide this information to covered individuals by January 31, 2021, will now have until March 2, 2021. Additionally, the notice provides that the IRS will not impose a penalty for failures to furnish a 2020 Form 1095-B to responsible individuals, as long as the reporting entity posts a notice prominently on its website allowing responsible individuals to request a copy of the form and provides the form to the individual within 30 days of the request.

No Automatic Extensions

Because the notice effectively grants all filers a 30-day extension on their obligation to provide the forms to covered individuals, it suspends the availability of the automatic 30-day extension process described in the instructions. In limited situations, employers who need an additional 30 days beyond the extension granted in the notice can request more time by filing Form 8809 before the extended deadline.

IRS Filing Deadline Not Extended

The notice goes on to point out that it does not extend the deadline for filing these forms with the IRS. It also keeps in place the automatic 30-day extension process as well as the process for requesting the additional 30 days when it comes to providing these forms to the IRS.

If you have any questions about your health care information reporting obligations, please contact your CRI advisor.