CRI vSTAR ProcessThe CRI vSTAR™ Process: Transforming auditing with virtual ease.

The traditional audit model has existed and sustained the profession for many years by providing a platform for quality, comprehensive audits.  However, the business landscape has changed with many companies and/or their employees working remotely plus businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions. Companies are also increasingly investing in sophisticated (often paperless or cloud-based) technologies. In addition to these changes, traditional on-site audits rack up travel expenses and often distract your team from their normal duties.

The CRI virtual Smart Tech Audits & Reviews (vSTAR)™ process combines minimal hardware, collaborative software, and cameras to allow us to perform all or part of our audit engagement virtually and in real time. This is neither  a “remote audit” nor a “desk review,” both of  which often involve electronic file transfers and little interaction with management. Instead, using the CRI vSTAR™ tools, the virtual audit includes dialogue with process owners virtually, captures and shares information electronically, and integrates technology seamlessly. We also offer the possibility of performing a hybrid audit, whereby we reduce our on-site presence by supplementing it with the virtual resources available through the CRI vSTAR™ process. Our goal is to provide you with the same high-quality audit services through more focused planning, with reduced distraction, and at a more cost-effective price point. The CRI vSTAR™ process provides you with more access to our specialists involved in your audit – regardless of your location.

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The CRI vSTAR™ platform is delivered to you in a kit comprised of a small compute stick, video conferencing module, and wireless keyboard – all the hardware that you need. We’ll connect with, and communicate through, our CRI vSTAR™ process app and video conferencing software. You simply provide a TV or monitor, a room, and an internet connection. The set-up generally takes less than 20 minutes.

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On-site audits can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, the CRI vSTAR™ process facilitates a level of collaboration and prior planning that often requires less effort from your team. Additionally, it reduces the amount of time your team is “on hold” or waiting – only those that are part of the audit are required to be present. We also generally see lower fees due to reduced or eliminated travel costs.

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The CRI vSTAR™ process allows us to take selected images of necessary workpaper documentation and evidence. It also allows us to “rewind” conversations and interviews that we’ve had to make sure that we understand what your team shared. A conventional audit requires reliance on our notes, memories, or both. The CRI vSTAR™ process is especially helpful with walkthroughs of systems and processes, during which the conversations are often very detailed. While most people don’t have a perfect memory, the CRI vSTAR™ platform does. Whether conducted virtually, on-site, or via a hybrid approach, our audits are planned, executed, supervised, and reviewed to meet the auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America.

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The CRI vSTAR™ process can be combined with traditional on-site auditing in a hybrid model or used to perform a fully virtual audit. Hybrid audits are excellent for clients who are:

  • concerned about transitioning to a virtual audit,
  • operating with certain significant processes that are still paper-based,
  • transitioning from paper-based back-ups to document imaging systems, and/or
  • working from remote, digitized locations.

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The CRI vSTAR™ process fosters greater collaboration between our team and yours. While the remote audit or desk review is effectively an electronic data transfer between our teams, the CRI vSTAR™ process enables:

  • deep dialogues with owners of the process(es),
  • real-time communications,
  • tours of facilities,
  • reviews of records,
  • imaging of evidence and records, and
  • verification of documentation.