CRI IT Audit Schools

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CRI’s IT Audit Schools are the training grounds for our advisors.

From automation to artificial intelligence, technology is having unprecedented effects on business. Some developments move so swiftly that companies may not see them coming. As a result, businesses may have to respond reactively instead of planning proactively. Businesses need advisors who are equipped to help them prepare for (and respond to) technological changes.

CRI’s IT Audit Schools teach our team to deliver even greater value in a single bound. Through our schools’ three comprehensive levels, our team members learn how to help companies of all sizes become more operationally efficient. CRI’s IT Audit Schools demonstrate how invested we are in our team’s development and our consistent commitment to evolving with our clients’ needs.

How CRI’s IT Audit School Creates Differentiators in This Service Line 

IT Audit Schools Levels

Each level of our IT Audit Schools is dedicated to helping our team members navigate a particular type of IT environment. 
 Entity SizeWorkstationsIn-House IT ResourcesE-Commerce Activity Accounting SoftwareElectronic Transactions
Number Inter-Connectivity Between Locations
Level 1SmallFewLowFew in-house IT resourcesLimited (if any)Unlikely to use proprietary or customized  softwareFew (if any)
Level 2Mid-sizedSomeModerateSingle-person or small IT departmentMedium to high levelTypically somewhat customizedSome
Level 3LargeManyHighMulti-tiered IT structureHigh levelGenerally either proprietary or highly customizedMany

Client Benefits of CRI’s IT Audit Schools

Three advantages for your organization