For the staff at Carr, Riggs & Ingram, giving back to the communities that surround our offices is a core part of our firm culture. We believe that embracing volunteerism and offering a helping hand to organizations helps in holistically shaping each member of the CRI family. Our desire to build relationships while adopting a passion for service sets CRI apart when it comes to making a difference.

Whether it be donating personal time, raising funds, or serving on a nonprofit or professional committee or board, CRI is proud of the willingness of our staff to give back. For us, citizenship is paramount, both inside and outside the office. We strive to build a culture that makes an impact on not only the people within our walls, but on the communities around us.

In the last year, nearly a quarter of our entire staff has participated in our CRI Cares Philanthropy Initiative by dedicating their time and resources towards making a positive impact. We are enormously proud of our employees for volunteering a combined total of almost 3,000 hours during this initiative.

Without the enthusiasm of our staff and their participation in CRI Cares, we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to raise almost 36,000 pounds of food for organizations in need, raise over $4,500, and donate more than 300 toys to underprivileged children. We are proud of the sense of family we’ve created here at CRI, but we are also humbled to be able to make a difference in the areas we serve.

For our employees, the work that we do goes well beyond the end product we present to our client. It embodies the dedication and desire to make an impact through community service. We are more than just CPAs, we are leaders.

CRI Cares 2019 Philanthropy Project