What Creates U.S. Taxes On Overseas Income?

It may be tempting to think that any income that a U.S. citizen earns outside of the country is not subject to domestic taxes. Although U.S. taxpayers living overseas are still indebted to the IRS, there may be instances in which they can reduce how much they owe. Watch as Brian Barksdale explains [...]

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Depreciation is a Two-Way Street. Which Way Should You Go?

Some business owners may find themselves at a crossroads when selecting a depreciation method. For some companies, it may be better to maximize the depreciation deduction. Other organizations may benefit the most from minimizing the depreciation deduction to save it for future years. Watch as Kelly Littleton discusses these options in greater detail, [...]

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5 Steps to Follow After Receiving an IRS Penalty Notice for ACA Reporting Compliance

Applicable large employers (ALEs) – usually those that employ at least 50 full-time employees (including full-time equivalents) in a given year – may receive an IRS penalty notice if they either did not provide healthcare coverage or offered unaffordable coverage options in a prior year. The good news for ALEs is that there [...]

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Is Your Internal Audit Perfunctory or Adding Value? Be Sure It Incorporates These 3 Components

For many companies, an internal audit may seem more like an inevitable task than a beneficial procedure. However, a well-structured internal audit process can help uncover key insights that can improve company operations. Watch as Heather Barber describes three critical components of an efficient, effective internal audit function.

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3 Benefits of Bank Audit Committee Executive Sessions

Executive sessions can present valuable opportunities for bank audit committee members to learn more about their roles.  Watch as Chris Cain explains 3 key benefits of executive sessions, such as a safe environment in which committee members can ask questions to gain clarity on complex topics.

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4 Red Flags of A Potential Going Concern Issue

Readers of your financial statements can assume your company’s ability to function as a going concern (i.e., has the resources to operate successfully), unless your company is impacted by specific financial and operational matters. Watch as Ana Gallardo explains four types of these “red flags” – and how CRI can help companies evaluate [...]

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Two Practical Solutions to Combat the Revenue Cycle Impact of High Deductible Plans

Rising healthcare costs have prompted consumers to increasingly choose high-deductible insurance plans. As a result, much of the healthcare industry is now driven by out-of-pocket costs rather than government or commercial payers. Therefore, healthcare providers must now focus on working directly with patients to settle their account balances. Watch as Kathleen Zuniga discusses [...]

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The Death of Traditional Bookkeeping: A Eulogy

Technology is radically changing every aspect of a business’ operations – including accounting. Consequently, traditional bookkeeping is slowly being replaced by accounting software that provides real-time insights, fosters collaboration, and allows for automated processes. Watch as Martin Copeland discusses how such systems are revolutionizing business recordkeeping.

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Leveraging Internal Audit to Meet ORSA Requirements

The Own Risk Solvency Assessment (ORSA) is designed to help insurance companies evaluate their risks and proactively address their capital needs. One tool that businesses can use to meet their ORSA requirements is an internal audit. Watch as Joseph May explains the relationship between ORSA and internal audits – as well as how [...]

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3 Financial Tips for Agribusinesses to Weather Tough Economies

Like most companies, agribusinesses experience economic challenges. However, there are steps they can take to survive even the toughest financial forecasts. Watch as Amy Hightower provides tips to help agribusinesses maintain operations in difficult times – such as researching Tax Code provisions specifically designed to benefit the agribusiness industry.

2018-11-12T15:45:37-04:00February 22nd, 2017|AGRIBUSINESS, VIDEO|

Complying with GASB Statement No. 77: Tax Abatement Disclosures

The Government Accounting Standard Board’s Statement #77 (or “GASB 77”) requires government entities to disclose particular tax abatement agreement details that were previously unavailable. Therefore, some entities may need to update their systems to collect the necessary data. Watch as Julie Bennett discusses the information that entities must present in accordance with GASB [...]

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Unique Hospital Challenges with the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The new revenue recognition standard could drastically changes how healthcare entities (particularly hospitals) recognize revenue – specifically, when and how much to recognize. Watch as Bryan Hall provides an overview of these changes, as well as the data that hospitals should begin collecting now to implement the new mandate.

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To Lease or Purchase Equipment…That is the Contractor Question

Contractors often have to choose whether to lease or purchase a piece of equipment. This decision is critical because it can significantly affect a contractor’s working capital (i.e., current assets less current liabilities), which is an important ratio for sureties. With the release of the new lease accounting standard, it is even more [...]

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4 Stages of the Level Four® Advisory Services Approach

Level Four® Advisory Services – a portfolio company of Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI) Capital Group – has a unique method of helping clients organize their financial information and devise strategies for achieving their goals. Watch as Jake Tomes describes this procedure and explains how it fits within the company’s breadth of wealth [...]

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5 Minutes On The New Lease Accounting Standard

The Financial Accounting Standard Boards’s (FASB’s) new lease accounting standard will substantially affect how businesses identify, classify, and measure leases. Therefore, companies may need to update their processes to record the newly required data. Watch as Bryan Hall, Alyssa Hill, and Bruce McFadden provide an overview of the mandate and explain how CRI [...]

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work in Client Accounting Services (CAS)

Business owners are often faced with a wide variety of choices – such as whether to offer employees bonuses or how much to budget for equipment purchases. Working closely with a trusted advisor can help entrepreneurs understand how such actions can impact their operations. Watch as Shannon West explains why collaboration is key [...]

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Avoid Risk With Your Start-Up Business

Starting a company can often be the largest investment an individual makes. Because start-up business financing is often tied to personal wealth, it is important that new business owners work with a trusted advisor – ideally, a CPA – to reduce the risks associated with this venture. Watch as Rodney Thornton, Colleen Angerdina, [...]

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How to Potentially Improve Your Quality Five-Star Rating System

The Five-Star Quality Rating System is designed to help consumers choose the best long-term care facility for their loved ones. As the tool undergoes significant changes, nursing homes must stay up-to-date so that they understand how they will bne evaluated going forward. Watch as Matt Taylor discusses some of these changes – such [...]

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The CRI Family: Serving You, Your Business, and Your Family

CRI is committed to tailoring our services to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Our specialty offerings address a wide range of areas – including IT audit and assurance, state and local taxes (SALT), and investment banking – to help clients navigate some of their most complex challenges. Watch as Bill Carr and the [...]

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3 Internal Homework Steps For ALTA Attestation Certification

The most important goal of undergoing an ALTA Best Practices Assessment is to achieve ALTA Best Practices Compliance. Title agents and settlement companies that want to attain this certification should take steps to help ensure their readiness. But what does such preparation entail? Watch as Stephen Riggs describes three ways in which title [...]

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