Blockchain: How It Can Help Your Small Business

Blockchain is a hot topic these days. Everywhere you look there’s an article breathlessly hyping its vast potential. But does blockchain have practical uses for small business owners who are focused on the here and now rather than some future technological utopia? It does. In fact, many of blockchain’s prime benefits are especially valuable for [...]

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Tax Reform Expands Availability of Small Business Tax Breaks

2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was filled with headline-grabbing changes like lower tax rates for corporations and individuals, a 20% deduction for qualified income from pass-throughs, and the elimination of the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). But the TCJA also included some fairly generous gifts in the form of expanded availability of existing [...]

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Retirement Strategies for Small Business Owners

As summer draws to a close, Americans begin thinking of backyard barbecues and making one last trip to the lake or beach. Labor Day is also a good time to evaluate your own labor in the bigger picture — what is the motivation behind all that work? For most, the answer involves one major goal: [...]

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Travel Guide for Your Start-Up’s Journey to Success

The process to get a new business up and running is a journey. From the start-up’s inception, the end destination may not be visible, and business owners may be riddled with uncertainties about how they will find their way. Luckily, accountants can provide the following guidance to help start-up business owners reach their destinations successfully. [...]

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The Audit Report: Understanding Your Financial “Taste Test” Results

Start-up and small business owners facing a first-time financial audit might feel like contestants on an episode of the cooking competition show Top Chef, sweating bullets as they await the judges’ decision regarding their culinary efforts. Understanding what goes into an auditor’s report can go a long way toward alleviating that stress. An independent auditor’s [...]

It May Be Time to Swim in a New Direction with Research Tax Credits

The PATH Act, signed into law in late 2015, extended many business and individual tax provisions. A few of the changes that are extremely beneficial for companies incurring research and development expenditures. Some of the qualifying business activities that may indicate a research tax credit possibility are: concept developing; designing; engineering; developing software; experimenting with [...]

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How to Use Real-Time Financial Data to Improve Your Cash Flow Forecast

Real-time weather data has transformed our lives. Long gone (for most of us!) are the days of being caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella or in a bulky sweater on an unseasonably warm day. Similarly, accounting systems that provide an up-to-the-minute look at a company’s condition mean that businesses are better prepared to avert [...]


Cutting Through the Red Tape: 5 Impactful Start-Up Business Tax Areas

Ask any owners about the early days of their business and they will likely tell you about countless hours of planning, sweat equity, and sleep deprivation. Since those tales are likely fairly accurate, it’s easy to get lost in a myriad of day-to-day decisions during the start-up phase, but don’t overlook the following four areas [...]

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Where to Start When Creating a Business Plan

Business plans can be overwhelming at the onset. However, if you answer some simple questions before beginning, then you will avoid major headaches and save on your Tylenol expenses. So take time to consider the below money-saving parameters for business plan creation. What is the purpose of the plan? Identify the purpose as briefly and [...]

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5 Steps to Create a Business Disaster Plan

If disaster strikes, is your business prepared? Most businesses have a business plan, but you may be surprised how many don’t have a business disaster plan – a set of guidelines to minimize the impact of a disaster, natural or otherwise. Of course, the odds of a disaster striking your business are very small, but [...]

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Taking a Bite Out of Payroll Taxes

Organizations often look for ways to reduce payroll taxes without cutting employees. It is possible to implement specific tax-saving strategies that trim tax burdens and boost the balance sheet. Payroll Taxes - Savings Strategies The payroll taxes that organizations pay on their employees’ wages include Social Security, Medicare, and federal unemployment taxes (as well as [...]

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Avoid Risk With Your Start-Up Business

Starting a company can often be the largest investment an individual makes. Because start-up business financing is often tied to personal wealth, it is important that new business owners work with a trusted advisor – ideally, a CPA – to reduce the risks associated with this venture. Watch as Rodney Thornton, Colleen Angerdina, [...]

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Every Year is “Selection” Year: Entity Selection Voting Made Simple

Additional Content in Series Voting on Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships Voting on C-Corporations and S-Corporations A number of candidates are running on your business entity selection ballot. Initially, they often all seem equally qualified, but not all entities are created equally. So let’s consider CRI your debate [...]

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Every Year is “Selection” Year: Voting on C-Corporations and S-Corporations

Additional Content in Series Voting on Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships Entity Selection Voting Made Simple This is the last article in our series regarding business entity types. So far, we’ve discussed four types of entities: sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited liability corporations, and limited liability partnerships. [...]

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Every Year is “Selection” Year: Voting on Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Liability Partnerships

Additional Content in Series Entity Selection Voting Made Simple Voting on C-Corporations and S-Corporations In the first article of our series regarding choosing an entity type, we discussed the pros and cons of a sole proprietorship. In this article, we will discuss three more candidates on the business structure ballot: general [...]

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Apples and Oranges: Keeping Personal and Business Finances Separate

Many small business owners tend to think, “I am the business, and the business is me.” Though conceptually this may be true, it is critical to keep the financial fruits of your business separate from your personal endeavors – especially from a legal and accounting standpoint.  Taking the time and effort to maintain autonomy between [...]

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Financial Statement Preparation: 4 Steps to Power Up Business Performance Tracking

Most of us have played a video game at some point in our life – likely even Super Mario or Donkey Kong. Some people scour online to find helpful tricks that will help them advance to the next level. Similarly, many of us are often looking for ways to help advance our business, and financial [...]

Why Strong Internal Controls Are Necessary for a Healthy Business

Strong internal controls can keep a company healthy by helping to achieve four key business objectives: Safeguarding assets. The right controls protect a business’ physical and financial assets from fraud, theft, and errors. Likewise, proper controls quickly identify errors and fraud if they occur. One of the most essential concepts related to internal controls (and [...]

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Prescribing the Right Internal Controls for Your Business

Solid internal controls are essential for a healthy business. Before a company can select any controls, management should know which ones best address its challenges. There are three primary types of internal control “medicine” that business owners and managers can use to increase their operational efficiencies. Preventive and Detective Controls A preventive control mitigates the [...]

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3 Governance Policies Every Business Should Have in Writing

Publicly traded companies abide by stringent governance practices. This compliance is, in part, due to regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). While SOX’s reach does not extend directly to privately held companies, many small and closely held companies have adopted some of its provisions nonetheless. Sometimes referred to as “SOX lite,” these [...]