Security Implications of a Remote Work Environment

COVID-19 has transformed the traditional office environment in 2020 by creating an army of remote workers. For many businesses, workforces will be almost entirely remote through at least the end of the year. While this model brings benefits for companies and employees alike, it also brings challenges, including the need to rethink IT security risks. [...]

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Financial Reporting Implications of COVID-19

As organizations monitor the current and potential effects of COVID-19 on their activities, they should also consider the implications on their year-end financial reporting processes. Specifically, organizations should consider the following areas of concern in preparing financial statements. Risk Assessments: Organizations should evaluate the impact of changing circumstances on their assessments of risks inherent in [...]

Understanding Your Responsibilities Within Service Organizations

What is a Service Organization? A service organization is any entity that provides a service to another entity that traditionally has been performed (or can be performed) within the entity. A list of commonly used service organizations in the government sector include: investment custodians, IT cloud services, receivable collections, insurance claims processing, payroll services, bill [...]

Balance Sheet Reconciliations: Focus on Internal Controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR)

Are you looking for ways to safeguard your company’s assets? What about making sure your financial statements are accurate, or that you’ve complied with regulatory requirements? By focusing on internal controls over Financial Reporting (ICFR), small to medium-sized businesses can enhance the integrity of their financial records by regularly performing cost-effective internal controls that lessen [...]

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Using Internal Controls to Keep a Hit Record of Your Inventory: Costing Controls Best Practices

Additional Articles in Series Using Internal Controls to Keep a Hit Record of Your Inventory: Storing & Managing Inventory This article examines best practices related to inventory costing controls (i.e., the price component). It is equally important to track the accumulated costs associated with remastering inventory to a sellable condition and to know which [...]

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Using Internal Controls to Keep a Hit Record of Your Inventory: Storing & Managing Inventory

Additional Articles in Series Using Internal Controls to Keep a Hit Record of Your Inventory: Costing Controls Best Practices Much like selling records is an issue for many artists these days, keeping an accurate inventory record is a concern for small businesses. It is just as important to provide customers with what they want [...]

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Why Strong Internal Controls Are Necessary for a Healthy Business

Strong internal controls can keep a company healthy by helping to achieve four key business objectives: Safeguarding assets. The right controls protect a business’ physical and financial assets from fraud, theft, and errors. Likewise, proper controls quickly identify errors and fraud if they occur. One of the most essential concepts related to internal controls (and [...]

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Prescribing the Right Internal Controls for Your Business

Solid internal controls are essential for a healthy business. Before a company can select any controls, management should know which ones best address its challenges. There are three primary types of internal control “medicine” that business owners and managers can use to increase their operational efficiencies. Preventive and Detective Controls A preventive control mitigates the [...]

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3 Guidelines for Strengthening Management Review Internal Controls

In our last issue, we discussed the definition of internal controls over financial reporting (ICFR) and detailed the benefits of using balance sheet reconciliations; here, we describe management review internal controls (or supervisory review internal controls), as well as tips to improve their effectiveness. The goal in this internal controls series is to provide ideas to help [...]

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