Grow Your Business’ Protection Level with a CRI Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems to gain access to digital assets. CRI’s cybersecurity assessment is based on the National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework – a living document, which includes three parts. Framework Core (Core): This common set of activities, outcomes and references used across [...]

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Whaling Cyberattacks: What You Need to Know

Cyberattacks are here to stay—partially because the financial result is lucrative for the criminal and partly because the bad guys can easily hide from law enforcement. It seems to have started with three common types (one of which that has morphed) and have taken off in the below order: phishing*, which includes blast emails designed [...]

2018-11-12T15:49:31-04:00February 2nd, 2016|CYBERSECURITY, FEBRUARY 2016|

Guarding the Data Vault: How to Reinforce a Cybersecurity Employee Culture

As phishing and other social engineering scams become more commonplace and sophisticated, the human factor often is the weakest brick in the walls of a company’s information security. Consider this statistic from a recent cybersecurity study: The average employee will click on one out of every 25 malicious messages. A layered strategy that includes firewalls, [...]

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Only in the Movies: Cracking Strong Password Fact from Fiction

Anyone who enjoys crime dramas may have seen the following less-than-accurate scenario in a recent flick. After evading about a dozen bad guys, the hero makes it to the office where the villain keeps evidence that will put him away for good—but the laptop is secured with a password. The hero connects a device to [...]

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Winning the Cybersecurity Strategy Game: 3 Steps for Shifting the Odds in Your Organization’s Favor

When whales like Target, JP Morgan, and Anthem turn up losing hands in the cybersecurity strategy game, what chance do lightweights have? To owners and executives in small and mid-sized organizations, cybersecurity can feel like a game of chance—one where cyber thieves are holding all of the cards. On the other hand, some might mistakenly believe [...]

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10 Data Security Tips to Help Business Owners Sleep Soundly

Executives in corporate America have been losing sleep over data losses and IT breaches for years now, and almost every news report seems to offer another reason to worry. The recent Sony data breach illustrates the potential for much more than customer identification and credit card data to be compromised. In that disastrous case, the [...]

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