Diligence: Electronic Versus Onsite Data Rooms

A currently popular question during the merger and acquisition (M&A) diligence process is whether to utilize electronic or onsite data rooms. For a target company, electronic data rooms provide benefits including operational efficiencies. Private equity groups enjoy similar efficiencies but also typically value the communication and culture aspects of the onsite data room. [...]

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Is Your Buy-Sell Agreement Spelling Out Your Next Steps?

A buy-sell agreement plays an important role in the life cycle of any business. Solidly constructed agreements outline how to handle the death or disability of business partners, and define succession planning in exact terms. A buy-sell agreement should be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that the business is protected. Watch Scott [...]

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How to Maximize Business Sale and Successfully Exit

There are countless published tips to maximize business sale, improve the value of a company, and prepare for an exit, but business owners able to recognize windows of opportunity can typically sell the business for a much higher premium. Scenarios to Maximize Business Sale The following five scenarios often suggest a good opportunity for selling a [...]

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What You Should Know: M&A for Small Businesses

Thanks to the “Great Recession,” there are considerably more merger and acquisition (M&A) opportunities – especially for small businesses – than there were in the past. Accordingly, it pays to be prepared to make the most of these changing times by gaining some knowledge about M&A for small businesses. Small Business M&A Basics Perspective is [...]

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