Diligence: Electronic Versus Onsite Data Rooms

A currently popular question during the merger and acquisition (M&A) diligence process is whether to utilize electronic or onsite data rooms. For a target company, electronic data rooms provide benefits including operational efficiencies. Private equity groups enjoy similar efficiencies but also typically value the communication and culture aspects of the onsite data room. [...]

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Is Your Buy-Sell Agreement Spelling Out Your Next Steps?

A buy-sell agreement plays an important role in the life cycle of any business. Solidly constructed agreements outline how to handle the death or disability of business partners, and define succession planning in exact terms. A buy-sell agreement should be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that the business is protected. Watch Scott [...]

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Taking the Curtain Call: How to Maximize Business Sale and Successfully Exit

They say that luck is the residue of design.  That is typically true for business owners that sell their companies for premium valuations (i.e. the greatest values). They are not only lucky but also reaping the rewards of a well-designed exit strategy. There are countless published tips to maximize business sale, improve the value of [...]

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Be the Ringmaster by Implementing These Six Business Value Drivers

“Price is only an issue in the absence of value.” I wrote this statement down and underlined it as my economics professor emphatically repeated the theory. Even today, I’d claim that this idea is the single most important concept my college education provided. Not only is this statement accurate, but it especially holds true in ongoing valuations [...]

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