An AUP or an Audit: Which Way Should You Go?

The public accounting profession offers a number of services, making it difficult for many to understand which direction is best for a particular need. Two services that are often confused are audits and agreed-upon procedures (AUPs). An AUP engagement offers the client greater flexibility than what a traditional audit can provide. It is likely to [...]

Back to Partnership School: Review and Update Your Agreement

Some people struggle in September as they transition from summer to back-to-school routines. Similarly, amending a partnership agreement takes work, time, and adjustment—and is also likely a task that most of those involved would choose to avoid. It’s hard enough the first time to agree on all the items contained in the agreement – not [...]

2018-11-12T15:44:15-06:00August 28th, 2017|BUSINESS TAX, SEPTEMBER 2017|

Does Your Household Have a Home Team? Remember Your Employee Tax Obligations

Many families have built themselves a home team. Their players include nannies, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, or healthcare workers, and they often come with tax obligations with which the families must follow to comply with IRS requirements. BATTER UP!  Not everyone who works at someone’s home is considered a household employee for tax purposes. To understand [...]

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