May 2017

Sail Smoothly Through Those Saving or Shredding Decisions

With that sigh of relief that the deadline to file your tax return—or request an extension—has passed you may also desire to purge some prior year documents such as receipts, canceled checks, and bank and brokerage statements. Follow these general retention tips for individuals and businesses as you head toward the blue skies of summer. [...]

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Keeping the “Business” in “Family Business”

Managing the “family” part of a family business can be complicated — especially as your family continues to grow. Multiple generations mean added challenges, from ambitious siblings competing for a position to the older generation crusading against health and succession issues. Mix in marriage, divorce, children, and more children, and suddenly the family business is [...]

2018-11-12T15:44:56-06:00May 1st, 2017|BUSINESS CONSULTING, May 2017|

Protecting Your Company Against Executive Impersonation Fraud

A company’s employees are generally expected to strive to protect the organization from a cybersecurity breach. Yet, thousands of team members unknowingly allow imposters to infiltrate businesses and steal millions of dollars by falling victim to executive impersonation fraud. Surveying the Landscape A variant of business email compromise (BEC), executive impersonation fraud entails a skilled [...]

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