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Understanding the Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) Disclosure

The Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) is an important disclosure in an annual report because it summarizes the financials and relays management’s insights into the company’s performance. Unlike other disclosures, it is written as a narrative, which allows it to offer key information in a more digestible way. What Is an MD&A? The U.S. Securities [...]

2018-12-20T15:28:22+00:00December 20th, 2018|PCAOB AUDITS & SEC COMPLIANCE|

Who Needs a Family Office? It Could Be You!

Many people think of a family office as something only for the ultra-wealthy. While that was once the case, today individuals and families of more moderate means are discovering the benefits of a family office to help them manage cash flow, minimize stress, and wisely steward their resources. Could this strategy help your family? The [...]

2019-02-21T15:22:44+00:00December 20th, 2018|INDIVIDUAL PLANNING|

Blockchain: How It Can Help Your Small Business

Blockchain is a hot topic these days. Everywhere you look there’s an article breathlessly hyping its vast potential. But does blockchain have practical uses for small business owners who are focused on the here and now rather than some future technological utopia? It does. In fact, many of blockchain’s prime benefits are especially valuable for [...]

2018-12-11T15:29:38+00:00December 11th, 2018|CRYPTOCURRENCY, SMALL BUSINESS|

Tax Benefits of Student Loan Repayment

For years, news headlines have been rife with the catchphrases “student loan epidemic” and “student debt crisis.” Unfortunately, these expressions are not hyperbolic; tuition costs continue to rise each year, and federal subsidies are not keeping pace. As a result, students must pay more every year to attend college. Taxpayers are taking years and even [...]

2018-12-05T15:04:51+00:00December 4th, 2018|INDIVIDUAL TAX, TAX REFORM: INDIVIDUAL TAX|

Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Lease Accounting Plan

Ever since the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) announced new lease accounting standards in 2016, businesses have worked to understand their responsibilities under the revised rules. The new rules apply to all companies. Nonpublic companies must comply starting with financial reports issued on or after December 15, 2020. While this deadline might feel like it’s [...]

2019-03-15T12:38:49+00:00November 20th, 2018|LEASE ACCOUNTING|

Top 10 Employee Fraud Myths and How They Put Small Businesses at Risk

Employee fraud is never an easy topic to discuss, but it’s especially hard to talk about with the owners of small businesses, where employees often feel more like family. While it’s counterproductive to spend every day looking at your employees and wondering who is stealing from you, implementing checks and balances on your employees can [...]

2018-11-29T15:59:36+00:00November 15th, 2018|FORENSICS|

Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI) Proudly Welcomes New Partner, Kelly Jones

ENTERPRISE, Ala. - Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI) is honored to welcome Kelly Jones to the CRI family. Kelly joins CRI with over 20 years of experience working with a number of healthcare providers that range from small Critical Access Hospitals to large health systems. He specializes in hospital reimbursement advisory services, Medicare Cost Report Filings [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:17+00:00October 24th, 2018|PRESS RELEASES|

Opportunity Zones are Knocking: Should You Answer?

Investment returns often reward the patient investor. And now, the federal government is doing the same. A provision of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) sets up an incentive program for investors who are willing to take a chance on long-term investments in economically depressed areas. The U.S. Treasury Department and IRS recently issued [...]

2019-01-18T10:20:39+00:00October 24th, 2018|OPPORTUNITY ZONES, TAX REFORM: BUSINESS TAX|

Tax Reform Expands Availability of Small Business Tax Breaks

2017’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) was filled with headline-grabbing changes like lower tax rates for corporations and individuals, a 20% deduction for qualified income from pass-throughs, and the elimination of the corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT). But the TCJA also included some fairly generous gifts in the form of expanded availability of existing [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:19+00:00October 23rd, 2018|SMALL BUSINESS, TAX REFORM: BUSINESS TAX|

IRS Clarifies Deductibility of Business Meals

The IRS has issued a notice 2018-76 to clarify the deductibility of business meals and entertainment in light of changes enacted last year as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). The IRS explains that taxpayers may continue to deduct 50 percent of the cost of business meals if the taxpayer (or an [...]

2018-12-11T15:19:40+00:00October 4th, 2018|BUSINESS TAX, INDIVIDUAL TAX|

4 Steps to Assess Your Cybersecurity Risk

Do you know where an attacker could break through your company’s cyber defenses? Chances are, there are more points of vulnerability than you realize, and the stakes are high to protect what’s important. Customers, employees, regulators, boards of directors, and many other stakeholders hold businesses accountable for securing sensitive data. Customers in certain highly regulated [...]

2019-03-19T10:01:56+00:00September 20th, 2018|CYBERSECURITY|

Nonprofits: Now Is the Time to Prepare for the New Revenue Recognition Standard

The new principles-based revenue recognition model introduced in Accounting Standards Codification 606 (ASC 606) is already in effect for much of the business world. Publicly traded companies were required to implement the new accounting standard for reporting periods that began on or after December 15 of 2017, but nonprofits were given an additional year to [...]

2019-04-17T14:23:01+00:00September 18th, 2018|NOT-FOR-PROFITS, REVENUE RECOGNITION|

Hill, Long & Co. Joins Top 20 CPA and Advisory Firm, Carr, Riggs & Ingram

HOUSTON, TX – After years of providing their clients with quality, personalized financial guidance, Hill, Long & Co. has merged with top 20 CPA and advisory firm Carr, Riggs & Ingram, LLC (CRI). The Hill, Long & Co. team joins more than 1,800 CRI professionals currently serving clients across the Southern U.S. The firm has expertise [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:29+00:00August 30th, 2018|PRESS RELEASES|

Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI) Announces Government Contracting Webinar

STUART, FL - Carr, Riggs & Ingram (CRI) has announced a complimentary webinar titled “Cost Accounting Basics for Government Contractors” that will feature CRI’s established government contracting professional, Shay Wolf. This webinar will be presented to the public on Sept. 19, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. EDT. This 60-minute live webinar will target companies that possess or [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:30+00:00August 29th, 2018|PRESS RELEASES|

Are Taxpayers Mailing in Their Postcard 1040 This Year?

One of the many goals of the 2017 Tax Reform was to simplify individual income taxes. Itemized deductions have always been viewed as adding complexity to a tax return. However, the latest Tax Reform has increased the standard deduction, resulting in fewer people needing to take time to itemize their deductions. Likewise, a higher Alternative [...]

2018-12-11T15:19:16+00:00August 23rd, 2018|INDIVIDUAL TAX|

Ponzi Schemes: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

No matter how many times innocent people become victims to Ponzi schemes, it continues to happen both with alarming regularity and extraordinary costs. What are Ponzi Schemes? Ponzi schemes first evolved when Charles Ponzi began enticing innocent people to invest in something with the promises of an abnormally high return. Ponzi would explain the rationale [...]

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CRI Tax Talk: A Post Wayfair World: What’s Next?

Prior to the Supreme Court’s decision in the South Dakota vs. Wayfair case, a retailer had to have a physical presence in a state before it was required to charge sales tax. We’re breaking down what this decision means and how it could affect you and your business moving forward. [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:33+00:00August 21st, 2018|BUSINESS TAX, VIDEO|

Retirement Strategies for Small Business Owners

At some point during our careers, we all start to ask the same question — what is the motivation behind all the work? For most, the answer involves one major goal: saving enough for a secure retirement. The Retirement Enhancement and Savings Act (RESA), currently under consideration by Congress, offers individuals and business owners more [...]

2019-05-01T12:34:28+00:00August 21st, 2018|BUSINESS TAX, INDIVIDUAL PLANNING, SMALL BUSINESS|

South Dakota vs. Wayfair: How Will You Manage Sales Tax Compliance?

Additional Articles in Series One Taxing Situation: South Dakota vs. Wayfair, Inc The initial dust raised by the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in South Dakota vs. Wayfair has started to settle, and businesses are now faced with the task of reviewing the people, processes, and software that they rely on for [...]

2018-11-12T15:42:35+00:00August 7th, 2018|STATE & LOCAL TAX|