Clearing the High Hurdles of ALTA Best Practices Pillar 5The women’s heptathlon is one of the most grueling events of the Olympics. Heptathletes compete in seven events – including the 100-meter hurdles – to display their athletic prowess and be named the world’s best all-around athlete. The number of points earned by athletes in each event is based on how well they perform compared to a designated “standard.” For example, a heptathlete must complete the 100-meter hurdles in 13.85 seconds to earn 1,000 points. She will earn more or fewer points depending on how her time compares to the standard.

While various competitors may finish first in any of the separate events, the winner is the one who scores the highest number of overall points at the end of the heptathlon – and demonstrates excellence in all seven events.

Achieving ALTA Best Practices compliance is very similar to completing a heptathlon. Title agents strive to comply with seven ALTA Best Practices pillars, and their compliance with each pillar effectively is scored against an industry standard. Agents achieving compliance must score well in all seven pillars. Thus, title agents should be strong all-around ALTA Best Practices athletes to demonstrate their compliance with industry standards to maintain and grow their relationships with their lenders.

This article series will take you through each event (i.e., pillar) of the ALTA Best Practices heptathlon. We’ll start the race with Pillar 5.

The Hurdles of ALTA Best Practices Pillar 5

The keys to the 100-meter hurdles are a combination of speed and jumping ability, as well as great fundamental technique.  Similarly, hurdling past Pillar 5 requires title companies to meet their combined legal and contractual obligations, as well as, to demonstrate solid fundamental documentation.  According to Pillar 5, title agents should “adopt and maintain written procedures related to title policy production, delivery, reporting and premium remittance.” Below are some of the critical standards to be met, observations from the (track and) field, and coaching tips that may improve your performance.

Requirement(s) Observation(s) from the Field CRI Performance Tip(s)
Issuing and delivering the title policy to the customer within 30 days. Improper or no documentation

If title is provided:

a. at closing, have the customer sign a statement stating such;

b. by overnight carrier, retain evidence of tracking information; or

c. by mail, maintain a log and copy of the envelope showing postmarks.

Remitting the underwriter’s portion of the title policy premium by the last day of the month following the month the settlement occurred.

Untimely remittance


Clearly document and demonstrate timely remittance of:

a. mailed checks by retaining tracking information or copying the envelope showing postmarks; or

b. electronic remittances by providing access to systems housing that information or screen shots, if the information isn’t stored in the system.


ALTA is proposing to change the current 30-day requirement to 45 days and not allow the agency contract to supersede ALTA’s Best Practices.

Pump Up Your Performance

Solid technique helps the heptathlete stride through the hurdles.  As noted in the chart above, keeping comprehensive ALTA Best Practices Pillar 5 documentation could help agents earn enough points to earn their attestation certification reports and show their ALTA Best Practices athleticism.

Let CRI Be Your ALTA Best Practices Coach

CRI is ready to coach you with tips designed to help you clear all of the hurdles and break the tape at the ALTA Best Practices compliance finish line. Contact us to learn more about how to score your best on Pillar 5. We’ll take you through our readiness assessment, help you identify potential deficiencies, and guide you in developing any necessary remediation strategies.