CRI Advanced Analytics

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Transforming insights through

Providing all the information you need to improve quality, analyze trends, and track progress – IN ONE PLACE.

  • Predict claims reimbursement via the new Patient Driven Payment Model and compare them to the current RUG model using UB04 claims data, with the capability to drill down to patient level detail.
  • Our PDPM simulation tool can determine the estimated reimbursement for a patient using the new Patient Driven Payment Model.
  • Know your quality measures to manage your Five-Star Quality Rating.
  • Estimate staffing needs and compare them to real-team existing staffing levels to allow for adjustments based on patient CMI while maintaining compliance with CMS PBJ regulations.
  • Manage your readmissions risk and potentially increase your ratings for VBP incentive Payments by understanding the underlying causes of readmissions for your facility.
  • Track and monitor financial data to control costs.

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