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CRI is ready to guide you through the stages of the forensic lifecycle.

Forensic accounting (or “forensics”) is a term that describes the lifecycle of fraud from prevention to detection and response. Forensics is rooted in gathering evidence through fraud audits and investigations, supporting legal actions in litigation support, and providing expert witness testimony.

Our experienced professionals can assist you with your forensic needs. Those include, for example, statistical analysis or digital forensics – whether that is data analysis or examining computers, laptops, or other devices. We gather and analyze information – such as financial and non-financial data – from fraud audits and professional interviews. Evaluating various forms of data allows us to perform and provide a thorough investigation.

Additionally, we can help attorneys harvest that data into “forensic” evidence for legal proceedings, and the CRI team can even serve as fact witnesses or expert witnesses.  As expert witnesses, our professionals can analyze a fraud investigation and provide expert testimony regarding why fraud occurred — and who likely perpetrated it. Plus, CRI’s forensic professionals can suggest ways to cultivate your prevention and detection controls to minimize the occurrence or repetition of fraud.

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Straight Talk 

Translating technical jargon into a plain English “text.”
We have a long-time employee that was caught doing something unusual and possibly fraudulent. What should our next steps be?
There are two things that need to be done—and quickly. First, determine the extent of the fraud, and, in the process of that determination, gather evidence for possible future use.
We sure would like to know how much this person may have stolen. Where do we begin?
We normally recommend a complete forensic investigation, which includes interviewing employees, gathering financial data, and compiling nonfinancial information.
But we’re not experts at that! We’ve never had this type of event happen, and we really can’t believe that it’s happening at all.
Unfortunately, most businesses are unprepared for this type of thing and haven’t conducted a forensic investigation. Fortunately, CRI has helpful professionals with forensics expertise on whom you can rely throughout this difficult situation.
Thanks. It’s comforting to know that we’re not alone. Did you say “evidence”? We aren’t going to trial, are we?
Until the investigation is complete, it’s hard to say. For instance, if the suspect stole $25,000, then maybe going to court doesn’t make economic sense. But what if the individual stole $1 million?
Then we would most likely be headed to court!
CRI can help you with an investigation and any potential accompanying criminal or civil prosecution. We also can suggest improvements to your anti-fraud controls to help prevent, deter, or detect another fraudulent act. Let’s sit down and discuss where to begin.
One of our clients has a potential fraud, and they need some help. Can your firm help us with a fraud investigation?
Of course. And as you know, our work can remain under privilege protection during the investigation stage.
Yes, and privilege is important in this case. Our client does not need for this to go public until absolutely necessary. One specific note: an examination of the suspect’s laptop might be required since evidence could be stored on it.
We can definitely help. Not only do we have certified IT professionals, but they also understand the chain of evidence rules.
They also have lots of data that will need to be gathered as part of the investigation.
Our team possesses the tools and experience to handle that, and we can assist you with preparing graphics and reports for the court, if needed.
If this goes to court, I will need that. Actually, we may need an expert to calculate a dollar amount of the fraud-induced business loss.
Our business valuation professionals would be more than happy to assist in that area also.
Sounds like your firm can support various aspects of this litigation.
Well, CRI has a great deal of experience in supporting litigation. We have a lot of talented, experienced professionals at your disposal.
Great! Let’s get started.



Solution Simplified

Down-to-earth descriptions of our services

Fraud & Forensic Investigation

No one expects or wants to find themselves embroiled in a fraud investigation. If you have this unfortunate circumstance thrust upon you, then call the experienced, certified professionals at CRI to help you conduct the investigation. We will assist you with various aspects of the fraud, including:

  • gathering evidence from financial and nonfinancial sources,
  • interviewing key people to help determine the extent and nature of fraudulent activity, and
  • (hopefully) identifying the perpetrator.

Expert Witness Testimony

When fraud occurs, management often decides to seek the perpetrator’s prosecution. A key to a successful prosecution is an expert witness who can testify (opine) that fraud occurred, calculate the approximate monetary loss, and determine the culprit. Let our experienced professionals serve as expert witness for you — should you need it.

Dispute Services

Sometimes good people and good companies encounter tough situations such as broken contracts or post-acquisition disputes. Other times, business partners, individuals, companies, or consumers have different views of the same set of facts. When these challenging predicaments arise, having a proven, credible partner is paramount. CRI’s multifaceted team includes expertise and experience in tax, accounting, auditing, forensics, business valuations, and many other skills. Let our team advise you when it really counts.

Litigation Support

CRI professionals can assist you and your legal counsel in support of litigation. Whether your needs are associated with fraud or a business valuation, you may need an independent professional to develop an appropriate valuation for an asset involved in litigation. Regardless of why you may need litigation support, call on CRI for assistance.

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