About CRI: More Than Accountants, Business Advisors

It's no secret that CRI's CPA team is more than accountants and truly business advisors. And with the typical longevity of our trusted advisor roles, CRI's team often becomes an integral part of your business. CRI clients also benefit from a proactive business advisory team continually focused on quality, innovation and execution for accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax services. Our accounting firm is among the nation's most technologically advanced, and CRI provides our professional staff with continuous technical training in auditing, accounting, tax, forensic accounting, and business consulting lines. This dedication to technology translates into CRI's clients partnering with the most current and informed accounting professionals across the South in locations throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Southern regional firm CRI has been ranked as the 22nd largest accounting firm and the fastest growing CPA firm in the nation.

National Strength derived from technical expertise and Southern Roots personified by client service and hospitality.


CRI's National Strength derives from technical expertise unparalleled throughout Southern accounting and advisory firms.CRI's strength is our people. More than 1,200 accounting professionals, their expertise, and knowledge of industry trends and standards are backing the local staff members throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Texas that are servicing you and your accounting needs. Our national strength is derived from our technical expertise that solidifies our standing as the South's premier accounting and auditing firm. Performing quality accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax services has always been - and continues to be - the number one objective of our CPA firm - CRI. Our peer reviews and PCAOB inspection results both reflect this commitment to quality. CRI's peer reviews, including the most recently performed in 2013, are the most favorable possible with an unqualified opinion with no letter of comment. Our 2006, 2009, and 2012 PCAOB inspection reports were also the most favorable possible with no audit deficiencies or quality control defects identified.


CRI's Southern Roots translate into accounting and advisory services delivered to your business with a bit of charm and hospitality.CRI's attentiveness to personal relationships and service excellence delivered with hospitality and a smile differentiates us from other accounting firms. We both acknowledge and embrace our Southern heritage and the emphasis it requires that we place on client service as we provide accounting, auditing, consulting, and tax services. With the CRI team, construction, financial institution, governmental, healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing and distribution clients benefit from our focus and commitment to their needs at every level. CRI's core values of client service, respect, and integrity coupled with our dedication to innovation and responsiveness enable our clients to receive skilled guidance. At CRI, we believe that 'Southern' is a spirit, and we know that we embody it.